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It's time for Australia to truly say NO to cosmetics cruelty.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Ask the Australian Government to Ban ALL Cosmetics Cruelty

During the last federal election the Turnbull/Morrison Government promised to ban animal testing for cosmetics sold in Australia. To that end, we very much welcome the Government’s Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017 which is intended to achieve the ban. But, there is a problem. The bill and associated regulatory rules have big shortcomings which will seriously undermine the ban and these need to be fixed.

#BeCrueltyFree Australia is currently negotiating with the Government to ensure unnecessary ban exemptions are removed. But we need your support to make sure this happens. Please use the form below to ask your Federal MP to support measures that would strengthen the proposed ban and prohibit ALL new animal testing for cosmetic purposes, not just some. You can use the text provided or compose your own message by clicking on the text box below.

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Dear MP,

Animal testing for cosmetic purposes is cruel and unnecessary, and poll data shows the majority of Australians support a national ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. I am pleased the Government has introduced the Industrial Chemicals Bill which will partially ban the practice, but I am concerned that the ban is not comprehensive and would still allow cosmetics to be sold in Australia that contain newly animal test ingredients.

The current ban wording would allow cosmetic ingredients that also happen to be used in other products to be newly animal tested, even after the ban is introduced, which means newly animal-tested cosmetics would still end up being sold on our shelves. This shortcoming critically undermines the ban because many ingredients introduced for cosmetic use are also used for other purposes.

I ask that you support strengthening the ban on new animal test data so that it fully prohibits the use of new animal test data for cosmetics sold in Australia, without exceptions.

I ask that you support #BeCrueltyFree’s proposed measures for strengthening the ban which would:

- fully ensure ingredients newly tested on animals are not allowed to be introduced for cosmetic purposes.
- properly fulfil the government’s commitment to the electorate in 2016 to ban animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of newly-animal tested ingredients.
- properly align Australia with EU and best practice on this issue, which prohibits animal test data being used to substantiate the safety of cosmetics.
- still allow a duty of care to disclose any information from animal test data which reveal a chemical used in cosmetics is hazardous.
- ensure that the ban does not affect multi-use industrial chemicals when introduced for uses other than cosmetics.

If measures aren’t introduced to strengthen the ban, the prohibition on the use of new animal test data for cosmetic purposes could end up being very limited. Other countries such as the EU-28, Norway, Switzerland, India, Israel, Taiwan, and Guatemala have all passed comprehensive bans.

We hope the Parliament can work together to make sure the ban legislation and regulation ensure a complete ban in Australia.

Thank you for helping to make sure Australia truly says no to cruel and outdated cosmetics animal testing.

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About the #BeCrueltyFree Australia Campaign

#BeCrueltyFree Australia, a partnership between Humane Research Australia and Humane Society International, is calling on the Government to make Australia the next country that says no to cruel cosmetics.

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